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TAK! story


TAK! is small design studio bustling with big ideas built on passion, need for creativity, love for working with people and to balance family and work better. Owned & managed by Marta Greenshpon and located in a green Alonim Wadi in the North Israel, it was built to cater to small business owners around the world - to help them thrive & succeed. 

Marta used to live in different parts of Europe before opening TAK! and so she speaks English, Hebrew & Polish and will be happy to use any of these languages for communication with our clients.

As a business we believe in a few rules we feel make us more ethical and help us keep the world beautiful:

  • We believe in creating websites as an extension of one's business, its virtual embodiment. Both us and the client need to be happy with the outcome and be connected to it.  

  • We don't believe in small print - we strive to be transparent about the process, pricing and our relationship with the client.

  • We think creativity, skill, professional, patient & kind approach, experience and some people skills make a perfect mix. Building websites doesn't have to be tiresome, painful or complicated, especially when you work with us!

  • We give back - 10% of our revenue regularly goes back to those who need it more than us.
    PS. We love dogs. The lovely Husky face from the logo is Uma, who we said goodbye to last spring. Her spirit is still present though.


Apart from passion & talent, we bring to the table:

  • + 10 years of experience in a internet industry including content, customer care, product, storytelling & more

  • + 15 years of translation and languages background (M.A. in linguistics)

  • 10 years of extensive technical & design knowledge of Wix websites

  • + 10 years of project management experience to manage your project efficiently & effectively

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